Rules for the design, presentation and publication of articles in journals

General requirements for author's materials and conditions of publication in the journal
1.1. Articles sent to the journal must contain the results of independent scientific research of the authors, correspond to the scientific level and thematic profile of the journal (economics, national economy management and jurisprudence), have scientific novelty and be of interest to specialists.
1.2. Submission to the editorial board of materials previously published, posted on the Internet or sent for publication to other publications is not allowed.
1.3. Recommended manuscript size: no less than 8 and no more than 22 typewritten A4 pages.
1.4. No more than two materials of the same author can be published in one issue of the journal.
1.5. Information about the author (author's certificate) is attached to the article. 1.6. When submitting an article, an external review may be submitted at the discretion of the author.
1.7. Manuscripts of students, masters, postgraduates are accepted for consideration only if there is a brief review of the supervisor / teacher with a recommendation for publication of the article. 1.8. Articles accepted for consideration are subject to peer review and, in case of a positive review by the reviewer, to scientific and literary editing.

The information about the author (author's certificate) indicates (in Russian and English):
✓ surname, first name, patronymic in full;
✓ academic degree, academic title, honorary title, membership in academies, the title of laureate (if available);
✓ the status of an applicant, associate, postgraduate, master, student (indicating the department) (if available);
✓ current position;
✓ place of work / service / study (full name of the organization with its postal address);
✓ the name of the organization's division;
✓ contact information (address, phone, e-mail).
Note. If the article is co-authored, then the information is presented for each author separately in one text document.

The procedure for sending manuscripts of articles and accompanying documents to the editorial office
3.1. The manuscript of the article, information about the author (author's reference), a brief review of the supervisor / teacher with a recommendation for the publication of the article of students, masters, applicants, postgraduates (scan) are sent by e-mail or by e-mail the carrier; 3.2. The review, certified by the employee's signature and sealed by the organization, is sent only on paper.
3.3. Materials in electronic form are sent to the following e-mail address:;
3.4. The text originals of the materials are sent by mail or delivered personally by the author / the author's proxy to the address: 160033, Vologda, Tekstilshchikov str., 20A, office 1, to the chief editor of the journal.

Design of the manuscript
4.1. Technical parameters of the article
Page format: A4 (210×297 mm).
Text editor: Microsoft Word97 and higher.
Font: Times New Roman.
Margins: left — 3 cm; right — 1.5 cm; upper and lower — 2 cm.
Size (font size): 14 points.
Line spacing: one and a half.
Hyphenation: not allowed.
Page numbering: at the bottom or at the top in the center.
Numbering of footnotes: end-to-end throughout the text of the article.
Alignment of the main text and links: by width.
Paragraph indentation: 1.25 cm.

4.2. Mandatory constituent elements of the article:
✓ UDC index (universal decimal classification);
✓ title;
✓ abstract;
✓ keywords;
✓ main text;
✓ bibliographic list;
✓ information about the author.
The title, abstract, keywords and information about the author/co-authors are presented in Russian and English

4.3. Graphic elements and illustrations
4.3.1. Tables, diagrams, graphs, drawings and photo illustrations should be numbered and titled (accompanied by captions).
4.3.2. Source tables, diagrams, graphs are provided in separate files in the format of the program in which they were created.
4.3.3. The original drawings and photo illustrations are also provided in separate files.
The resolution of raster illustrations should be at least 300 dpi.

4.4. References
4.4.1. The list of references is drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of compilation". 4.4.2. When making a bibliographic list in the journal, a combined alphabetical and systematic principle is applied, according to which the literature is arranged in the following order:
1.Official documents:
✓ regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation;
✓ international acts ratified by the Russian Federation (first of all, there are UN documents) (located after the Constitution of the Russian Federation);
✓ legally invalid regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation with mandatory indication in parentheses — "expired"; ✓ normative legal acts of Russia and the USSR relating to historical materials: documents adopted before October 25 (November 7), 1917; documents of the Soviet period;
✓ regulatory legal acts of foreign states in which the Russian Federation does not participate;
Current and expired regulatory legal acts are placed according to the degree of significance. Documents with equal legal force, with the exception of codes, are grouped in reverse chronological order according to the dates of their adoption (signed by the President of the Russian Federation). The codes are arranged in alphabetical order.
Scientific and educational literature: monographs, dissertations, textbooks, textbooks, encyclopedias, scientific articles, electronic resources of local and remote access.
The placement of these sources, including electronic resources, is carried out in alphabetical order by the author's surnames and the names of the sources.
Literature in foreign languages. It is placed in alphabetical order in the original language. If there are references in different languages in the bibliographic list — first, in the order of the Cyrillic alphabet, entries in languages using Cyrillic fonts, then in the order of the Latin font in languages with a Latin font.
4.4.3. All bibliographic entries in the list of references are numbered. References are enclosed in square brackets [3; 12, etc.]; if there is a link to specific pages: [3, p. 417].

4.5. Information about the article in English (indicated on the last page):
✓ title of the article;
✓ The name and Surname of the authors (transliteration);
✓ place of work of each author (full official English name of the organization);
✓ city, country;
✓ abstract;
✓ keywords;
✓ JEL classification codes.
✓ author for contacts, email.

5. Copyright
The authors who publish in this journal grant the University of Additional Professional Education LLC an exclusive license to publish and distribute the article (including any derivative products, in all languages) and sublicense such rights, including for commercial purposes.